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Greece is a country with many faces. Sea, mountain, thousands of islands, villages all with many colors depending on the season. Blue, green, blue are some of what make up its nature. This is precisely the variety of holidays offered. This is exactly what we offer at xenia resorts. Options in very different beautiful places in Greece. Evia, Lefkada, Pylos, Marathon. Four completely different places. Each of them with its own beauty. Whichever site you choose, enjoy it!’

Evia, is one of the most impressive Greek islands, with unique beauties and “touch” in the Aegean. The visitor can see trees, impressive mountains and endless beaches, fish and hunting, drakospita, lighthouses, famous baths, old monasteries, waterfalls, canyons, industrial monuments, stone guesthouses, Cape Cavodoro. Finally it looks like a miniature of the whole  Greece.

Natural beauties

At every turn you discover wonderful beaches. In central Evia, find the famous Chiliados, with its lush vegetation, sand and pebbles in every shape and size, even a sea cave for exploration! It took its name from the Byzantine chapel of Panagia Chiliadou, the “thousandth built by the Empress Theodora”, according to tradition. To the north, discover the beaches of Edipsos, Politika, Limniona, Kavos, Gregolimanou and of course the wonderful Agia Anna – Agali.
For wind and kite surfers is Mourteri beach. To the south, the beaches of Nea Styra, Limniona Styra, Chrysi Ammos and the popular Fiesia with blue-green waters.

Attractions to visit

Immerse yourself in the thermal waters of the Edipsos Baths. admire the Thermae Sylla, the neoclassical masterpiece around its impressive tower, and the old hydrotherapy plants designed by Chiller. Take a deep breath of the sea breeze and feel that you are reborn!

The thermal waters have not been recently known. They have been renowned because of the unique ingredients of their waters. Here, emperors, generals, famous writers, prime ministers and others famous from the 19th century till today have been listening for their healing properties.

Summer Greece in its most beautiful version. A puzzle of images I would slowly dig you to piece piece by traveling in Western Messinia. There is so much that Pylos generously offers that you will need to come back again for the holidays!

Wonderful seas, fishing villages, vast olive groves, seaside and mountainous routes with unique views are ready to discover. You will still see ancient states, Mycenaean palaces and Gialova, a unique wetland in Greece. Climbing to Palaiokastro and walking naturally to Niokastro and the castles of Methoni and Koroni. What’s more beautiful than cycling and then riding for fresh fish in taverns next to the water.

Natural beauties

Voidokilia Beach is one of the natural beauty spots that remain unforgettable. Magnificent greenish blue and turquoise waters and white sand that, if you search for it with your hand, you will discover beautiful shells. It is no accident that her pictures have made the round of the world. The Lagoon Lagoon is also a biotope-shelter of rare birds and animals. Here you can photograph birds and landscapes scarce in Europe. The chrysi akti, mati , and Lagoubardos are also amazing beaches.

Attractions to visit

Palaiokastro is a castle that dominates the Bay of Navarino, overlooking a unique one, is one of the attractions worth walking on. Niokastro is also an imposingly preserved castle that historically was a Turkish fortress and in the middle of it dominates the transformation of the Savior. Visit also the Archaeological Museum. Take a stroll along the coastal road, enjoy your coffee in the shadow of the central palace of the Admirals with the palm trees or choose a restaurant for your dinner. Just outside the settlement you will admire Kamares, part of the old aqueduct.

Marathon is, at the same time, one of the most beautiful places in Attica, and you can see on the road to your destination. The road passes through orchards, vineyards, olive groves and wild vegetation. It is also worth seeing the artificial lake of Marathon with the impressive dam, which is covered with marble cover. The visit to its archaeological site and museum is one of the things you should definitely see while you are in Attica.

Natural beauties

In the wider area there are many beautiful beaches for swimming and sunbathing. The most famous is the Schinias beach. The area where it is located is an area of natural beauty and has been declared a National Park. It is great to swim and beside you to stretch sandy beach where the pine forest starts.

Attractions to visit

Although the Marathon Archaeological Museum is small, it houses exhibits from many periods and regions as well. Important findings of the Neolithic period, such as those found in the cave of Pan in Oinoi, co-exist with a collection of columns, believed to date back to the 2nd century AD. There are also findings from the Early Helladic cemetery at the “Cepi” site. Still you can see the Marathon Monument (Tomb). It is located next to the ancient battlefield, 1 km from Marathon, in honor of the 192 Athenian soldiers killed in this famous battle. On the other side of the road, about 5 km away, is the tomb of Plataea.


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